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A biometric health screening is an advanced preventive care procedure that records a variety of measurements, including height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and more. While biometric screenings are not a replacement for traditional physical exams, they can give you and your provider an idea of your overall health, as well as your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other issues. At Vital Eagles Healthcare, we perform both biometric screenings and TB (tuberculin) skin tests to check for signs of tuberculosis, a dangerous respiratory infection that can remain inactive inside your body for years before manifesting symptoms. To schedule your biometric or TB screening, reach out to our Tampa, FL primary care practice and set up your appointment with Dr. Paul Banerjee and our team.

Biometric screenings at Vital Eagles Healthcare typically take only 15 – 20 minutes and can be performed in-office at our Tampa, FL practice or in the comfort of your own home, making them a convenient option for individuals with busy schedules. During your appointment, a member of our team will record your height and weight before taking a blood pressure reading. They may also draw a small amount of blood to assess your cholesterol, blood sugar, and more. During this time, we'll talk with you about your lifestyle, medical history, and family health history to determine if you might be at risk for certain conditions. Based on our findings, we may follow up to arrange a treatment or preventive care plan to ensure you stay healthy.

A TB screening involves injecting a tiny amount of solution under your skin to see how your body reacts. After injecting the solution, we'll schedule a follow-up appointment 2 – 3 days later to check for swelling or redness, which may indicate the presence of tuberculosis in your body. From there, we can build a treatment plan as needed.

Maintaining good health starts with knowledge. Regular health screenings at our Tampa, FL practice can provide the insights you need to keep potential health issues in check with benefits that include:

  • Identifying potential health risks early in their development
  • Maximizing treatment options if potential health threats are discovered
  • Giving you an overview of your overall health and wellness
  • Allowing our team to easily monitor changes in your health between visits


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If you're ready to take control of your health, regular biometric screenings at Vital Eagles Healthcare are a great place to start. During your appointment, we'll let you know of any concerns we find and equip you with the tools and knowledge to make educated decisions about your well-being. Contact our practice in Tampa, FL today to schedule your biometric or TB screening with Dr. Banerjee and our team today.

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